Furnace or Boiler Inspection

Furnace & Boiler Inspections performed by Elmore Electric’s licensed HVAC specialists, qualified to service all brands of steam and hot water boilers, gas furnaces, oil furnaces, heat pumps, and residential heating systems. These systems all require regular inspections to get the most performance and longest life from them. Often annual system checkups are a warantee requirement .

Furnace/Boiler Safety Check

Visual Inspection:

  • Inspect chimney and flue pipe for proper draft condition
  • Inspect condition of venting/vent connections
  • Inspect condition of controls and burners; clean as needed
  • Inspect filter and advise customer of proper cleaning or replacement
  • Check heat exchanger for carbon or cracks
  • Check condition of blower motor, wheel and belt
  • Check water level on boilers; adjust to proper levels as need

Operational Inspection:

  • Ensure thermostat starts/shuts down unit properly
  • Check for proper operation of belts, blowers, motors, and switches; oil, adjust and clean as needed
  • Check for proper ignition, pilot light and proper burning of main burners; clean or adjust as needed